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Dana Irelan Life Coach

...lover of bad hip-hop, good coffee, Jesus and cuss words. Not necessarily in that order.


I've lived a fuckin life and I hope that by telling my stories, I can help someone heal...or better yet, not let the world fuck you up in the first place.

I am certified as a NLP Practioner, Clinical Hypnosis Practioner, Bereavement Counselor & Life and Success Coach...on a mission to heal the hearts of women that are carrying around the bullshit that other people have dumped on them; Basically I'm a foul-mouthed bitch on mission to heal the world--a retired hoodlum with a helluva story and a heart of gold, if you will.

Also, because it feels important...I periodically go vegan and I'm a Texan freezing in Michigan.

So, that's me. Let's be homies.

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