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Become What You Need

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

I hate the term “life coach”.

Honestly, I’ve always thought it was a bunch of straight up bullshit. You’re gonna coach me on “life”? Yeah...ok. That Pollyanna bullshit is great for some, but I ain’t it. What I figured out is that I just haven’t found the one that speaks to me. Speaks like me. Has walked a path even remotely like I’ve walked—how you gonna “life coach” me when from where I’m sitting, you don’t know shit about struggle?

I was given the gift of discernment. A gift that I have honed into a skill of epic proportions. If you’ve seen me do it and doubt my ability to read people, you’re just pissed cuz I read yo ass. 🤘🏼 I was given this gift as the one tool God pre-loaded me with; that thing that makes me special. Normal people can play instruments or make art...my gift is kinda weird. I thought that it was a tool given to me specifically to keep me alive, keep my head above water, see who was gonna fuck me over before they had the chance...and it was. Until it wasn’t.

Now, realize this is gift is meant to help other people. I always thought I needed to be perfect before I could help others, but showing up and stumbling along the way is where the magic is.

Since I couldn’t find what i needed, i decided to become what i needed. I’m super stoked to announce that I got my recertification as a bereavement counselor specializing in infant loss and I will soon finish my certification to become trauma informed life coach. But instead of using that “life coach” shit, a Human Coach.

No bullshit ways to get back to who you were meant to be in this world. No bullshit ways to open your eyes people’s true intentions. No bullshit ways to keep yourself safe. No bullshit ways to take your fucking power back. No bullshit ways to love yourself more than anyone possibly ever could.

Who better to hold your hand through the fire than a Phoenix that’s already risen from the ashes? Even as I figure out how to put out new fires...that I willfully set because I’m stubborn and it takes a while for shit to really stick.

Imperfectly and Unapologetically,

Dana Irelan

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