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Drag Queens & Pecan Pancakes

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Making it to 41 years on this planet hasn’t been easy...but I’m fuckin positive it’s been worth it. This is a list of 41 things I’m grateful for to celebrate my 41 years of life.

1. Drag queens

2. The smell of coffee

3. The way Chris looks at me

4. Electric blankets

5. Listening to my intuition

6. Finally feeling peace more often than not

7. Fleece lined leggings

8. Kazidy marching to the beat of her own drum

9. The smell of salt in the air near the ocean

10. Long peaceful hikes

11. The kindness of strangers

12. People who show up

13. People who want to be my friend

14. People that have forgiven me

15. Coming home to God

16. Chiropractors

17. Singing in the shower

18. Black manicures

19. Massages

20. Bubble baths in the middle of the day

21. The way the light pours in through the bedroom curtains

22. Both cats-not always at the same time

23. The instrumental break in “fix you” by Coldplay

24. Bacon

25. The bad shit that made me strong

26. My level of compassion for others

27. The courage to not give a fuck

28. Learning to love myself finally

29. I throw a mean right hook

30. The strongest mom in the world

31. People that have my back

32. My ability to see all sides

33. @iamtabithabrown

34. Pecan pancakes

35. The sound of walking in snow

36. Potatoes in any form

37. God’s provision

38. The part of me that protected me when I couldn’t

39. The good parts of the internet

40. Street smarts

41. My inner thug

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