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Just Like Fresh Prince

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

This man has changed my life; flipped it upside down just like Fresh Prince, and today he turns 40...I like ‘em young. Finding him has been the best thing for me and my heart. He saved me from myself. I love him for that alone, but here’s a few more reasons:

I love his eyes. They switch from blue to green and get clear blue when he cries. He has long beautiful eyelashes and if I didn’t love him, I’d hate him.

I love that he cries. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cat video or a sad part of a movie, he just cries. He is so filled with compassion for everything and everyone, he feels it. He taught me feelings aren’t weakness.

I love that he takes care of my heart. When I’m spinning he is there, letting me lay on his chest...snot and all. Asking only if I need tissues. There is no falling asleep or playing on his phone. He doesn’t try to make me stop crying and get over it. He is there with me, I am always safe.

I love that he does not speak one sentence of sarcasm fluently. He doesn’t have it in him. Sarcasm is an art, refined by whit and honed by a general disdain for people...and if I could make it my business, I’d be selling out Carnegie Hall. He doesn’t understand sarcasm because he can’t see the bad, in literally anything. He is always genuine.

I love that he gets so excited about nerd shit. His passion is something I wish I could have. It’s what I’m striving for...to be able to feel passion for something like that. I wouldn’t have known it existed in real life, if not for him.

I love that he protects me and keeps me safe. Don’t let his kind soul and the cat videos fool you, he will whoop some ass, if need be. He grew up in the hood too...us hood folk don’t fuck around.

I know I’m not good at saying it, but here it is...as only I know how.

I love you more than anything, with everything I have. There is no going back, there is no getting out. Til the end of time, to the ends of the earth, even fuckin Michigan. I’m better for knowing you, I’m lucky to have you, and I’ll fight any bitch that thinks I won’t.

I love you. Happy birthday

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