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Life as we know it.

It’s rainy today. With the exception of the few glorious months in the summer, Michigan skies are always grey…but it rarely rains. I love when it’s raining, it reminds me of home. Also, it’s always rained on my birthday, which is a phenomena for another time.

The rain washes things away, allows you too reset—can give you that metaphorical flood, if you let it. Everything slows down when it rains.

Chris got a new video game, one that he’s been waiting for for an entire year. He’s like super excited. So we’re having a rainy day, video game, coffee, weed and writing kind of weekend.

He’s been up since 6am playing…I woke up at 11. Sorry not sorry, I love sleep. I made us a killer brunch, we ate while he explained the game to me (I don’t care but it makes him so happy) then we cleaned up the kitchen and made more coffee. I got some potatoes chopped and into a boiling pot to prep for the week, while James Taylor played on the googlebox and Chris played with Ellie on the floor.

Calmness and stillness aren’t in my repertoire. I am a bull in a china shop in my sleep much less on full power—seriously, I have to sleep with my own blanket…its winds up upside down and backwards. Every night. I’m horrible to share a bed with.

I don’t let myself slow down enough to ever feel calmness because I’ve always thought I had to do it alone.

But today, with the music playing and the rain falling, I slowed down and I let it reset me.

As I scrubbed and chopped the potatoes slowly, with joy and sang along to Sweet Baby James..I felt it.


I am safe. I am loved. I have a partner; someone to hold my hand through anything, even 2020.

I’m really really grateful.

God is good.

Jesus is my homie.

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